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Located on Quantico Marine Corps Base in Quantico Town.

Address: 317 Potomac Ave

Quantico, VA 22134

Phone: 703.634.2689

Business Hours:

M/T: 8a – 2p

W:    2p – 7p

T/F:  8a – 7p

S/S:  10a – 7p


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Bill Martin Sr. founded the New England Shoe Outlet in 1956 after earning a purple heart and serving his country faithfully as a Marine in both World War II and Korea. He opened the shoe store in Quantico, VA, to provide discount footwear and army boots to the U.S. Marines, their dependents, and others in the area.

At the start of the business, many of the shoes and styles of the time came from New England, and the name stuck. After he passed away in 1996, his son, Bill Martin Jr., took over the store while keeping the long-standing family tradition learned from his father to provide military boots at discount prices and maintain repeat customers.
Now we have two dedicated customer service employees who know about everything from Carolina boots to Wolverine boots and who can assist you with ordering and answer all questions and concerns.

Although we have expanded, we still hold dear to the customer service principles handed down by the late Mr. Martin. Whether a customer is interested in Browning boots or just a sturdy pair of socks, we believe that you can’t be in business for more than 50 years unless you listen to your customers! We are always open to suggestions, questions, comments, complaints…anything.

We also specialize in large orders for military, police, and other uniform purposes.
All of our inventory – from Bates to Rocky boots – is marked as low as possible. We provide low prices and free shipping because we value our customers. We aim to please and welcome any inquiries that you may have.

If you have any questions, Email us below.

Shipping Policies

What Shipping Methods can I choose from?


Allow 3-10 business days. Most times the maximum is 5 or 6 business days. Select this option for APO/FPO deliveries.

Expedited Shipping:


Please Note: Please allow 1 extra day processing for all expedited orders.

Is international shipping available?

Yes. For all countries. $59.99

Do you ship to Canada?

Yes – we use the US Postal Service and must charge $59.99. Ground shipping is only available. Additionally, there may be a delay because it takes longer to ship to our northern neighbor than it does within the states.

What does “business day” mean?

We primarily ship with UPS, and in some cases, FedEx. These companies do not deliver on the weekend. Thus, if you place an order at 8:30 am Eastern on Friday and we ship the boots out that day, they will not arrive until Monday.

If you order a boot Friday afternoon at 2:00pm Eastern and select overnight, please understand that because we more than likely cannot ship the boots until Monday, they won’t arrive until Tuesday. Weekends can be a double-edged sword.

Are the expedited shipments guaranteed?

We need at most one full business day to process your order – we never allow a second business day to go by before the boots are shipped. Usually it only takes a small matter of hours. 95% of all orders placed by 10:00am Eastern are shipped that same day. We place expedited orders above all other orders and take great pride in getting your boots to you as quickly as possible. We cannot issue a blanket guarantee, but we can give you our word that we’ll do everything possible to get your boots to you in an expeditious and satisfying manner.

Please note: Rocky shipments are delayed an extra day. Thus, if you order 2-day shipment, it’ll take 3 business days. If you order 3-day shipment it’ll take 4 business days. We apologize for any inconvenience this may cause.

Is expedited shipping available for Rocky boots?

These particular companies’ policies actually result in delays in shipping. They allow us to ship straight from the factory to our customers in case we don’t have a certain style or size in our store. However, we must allow 24-48 hours for them to process the order. Please allow at least one additional business day for the boots to arrive.

Do you ship to Hawaii and Alaska?

Yes we do. Unfortunately, due to the non-contiguous nature of these states, we must charge an additional $19.99 for the first pair.

Do you ship to APO/FPO addresses?

Yes we do. We ship via Priority Mail through the United States Postal Service.

The service is now free! God bless the men and women in uniform serving our country.

Please select “Ground” as the shipping option. Also, please re-write the address in special instructions to ensure the package is properly addressed.

Do you ship to PO Boxes?

No. The only time we ship via the Post Office is for APO/FPO addresses. Please see above.

Is weekend delivery available?

No. UPS/FedEx do not normally deliver on Saturday. For some locations, this service is available, yet costs significantly more. Please contact us for more information if this is a must.

Do you charge sales tax?

Because we are located in Virginia, state law compels us to charge 5.3% on all orders shipped within the commonwealth.

What is the Special Instructions field?

If you need a signature upon delivery or need to pass any additional information to us, please use that space on the order form.

Return Policy

Where do I return my boots?

Please contact Customer Service for instructions on where to return your order.

What is the first step in returning or exchanging my boots?

Please contact Customer Service. Please do not take any action until you email us. We reserve the right to reject returns without any prior authorization or contact.

How long after the date of purchase will you accept my return or exchange?

Returns and exchanges are good up to 30 days after purchase. We only accept boots that have been worn on carpet for no more than 30 minutes. Any boots that are returned after that period, have been polished, or have been worn outside will either be rejected or charged a 15% re-stocking fee.

Again, we cannot accept returns after the 30 day period. If you are unsure if you will make this time frame, contact Customer Service.

The time frame for APO/FPO orders is 60 days due to the transit times for shipment.

Can I wear my boots outside and then return or exchange them?

No. When you try on your boots upon arrival, do so on carpet. Again, if they are polished or worn outside and you wish to return them, we will not accept the boots. No exceptions – we’ve been in business for over 50 years, and we have a pretty good eye.

Will I get a full refund if I return my boots?

If you return your boots for a refund we will refund you 100% of the cost of the boots, excluding original shipping charges even if included in the base price. We cannot recoup shipping costs to send the boots and with higher gas prices, we are forced to charge $15 for shipping and restocking for each pair of boots returned for a refund.

If you order 4 pairs of boots and return 3, expect a complete refund minus $45 to cover our costs (assuming Free Ground shipping was used).

We cannot refund expedited shipping charges. If you order a pair of boots and select overnight shipping but then wish to return them, you will receive a refund for the cost of the boots minus the $39.99 charge.

Note: This does not apply to returns for the first free size exchange, just refunds.

Do I need to include a note with my return or exchange?

Yes – this goes for both Returns and Exchanges. We have a large number of boxes delivered every day and we need some direction so we can make sure you’re satisfied. Even if directions were included in an email or phone call, please include them in the note to doubly insure your order is processed quickly and smoothly. We are human after all!

How does the exchange process work?

There are two ways to exchange your boots:

  1. Upon contacting Customer Service for instructions on returning your boots, we will send out a new pair upon receipt of the original pair, making for an even exchange. -OR-
  2. We can charge you for another pair and send the exchange out right away. Once you receive shipping instructions for the original pair, we will refund your original amount. Thus, once all the boots are where they are supposed to be, it amounts to an even exchange.

Either way, for the first exchange we’ll cover the Ground shipping costs to you (as we do for your order as well). To keep our prices as low as they are, we cannot cover costs to reimburse you for shipping the original pair back to us. Thus, out of 3 shipments (shipment of original pair, return of original order, shipment of new pair), we cover 2 out of 3.

Note: Standard charges still apply should expedited shipping be desired for new pair.

Where do I send my exchange?

Again, contact Customer Service for this information.

What about the second or third exchange?

Because we strive to provide the best service, this happens quite rarely. Thus, we will handle this on a case-by-case basis. We reserve the right to charge a re-stocking fee for additional pairs exchanged beyond the first free one. If a charge is assessed, it will be $15 to cover shipping and overhead costs.

What if I believe my boot has a manufacturer’s defect?

If a boot has a manufacturer’s defect please contact Customer Service for return authorization. We deal with these situations on a case-to-case status.

What if I got the wrong pair/style/something really messed up?

Occasionally mistakes happen – sometimes they’re even out of our hands. For all mistakes, regardless of where they originated, we will work with you to solve them as quickly and fairly as possible. Unfortunately behind this computerized website rests humans, and we’re definitely not infallible. However, we strive to keep all of our customers happy, for that’s what has defined us for over 50 years and will guide us for the next half a century.

If you have a concern or question regarding your order, please contact Customer Service so we can make it right.

What if I have a question that isn’t answered on this page?

You may contact Customer Service and we’ll assist you as best as we can.

International Orders

Because of different customs services in each country, we reluctantly offer this service.  We will ship all international orders through the United States Post Office.  Because of customs issues, we cannot guarantee a time of delivery.  Delivery can take up to 2-3 weeks – in certain cases more time needs to be allowed.

We will do everything in our power to make sure the boots get to you.  However, as previously stated, because each country is different, we cannot be held responsible for errors or delays out of our control.

You may experience delays if customs requires you to make a payment to receive your package.

Shipping and handling is $59.99 per pair.

We cannot ship anything until payment is received.  At this time we only take Visa and MasterCard credit cards.  We can accept money orders, but you must first contact us with what you want to order so we can double-check availability.

Common USMC Questions

“Located in Quantico” – What does that mean?

We are located in downtown Quantico, VA, a small town surrounded by MCB Quantico. Chances are that when you’re stationed in Quantico you’ll visit town, and we’re hard to miss. We carry all of the USMC approved boots in the store, so if you’re around town, come on by and check us out.

Are all the boots you sell authorized for wear – or will I get yelled at for buying boots from you?

We are an approved retailer of USMC boots. We even carry all sizes of the Belleville USMC issue boot in-store. All of the USMC boots we sell feature the official Marine Corps EGA emblem on the side as well as the approval serial number on the inside.

I’m only familiar with the issue boots, such as Belleville and Bates. Are the other boots listed here approved?

The short answer is yes. The other boots are ones that the Marine Corps has approved, yet has not yet chosen to issue directly to active duty personnel. These boots are optional to provide Marines a variety of choices in style, comfort, and mission. Some Marines don’t mind the issue boots, others choose to throw them away and purchase a preferred approved boot. Each Marine’s preference is different, and we’re here to accommodate.

Hot Weather, Jungle, ICB, and Temperate – what do these terms mean?

The Hot Weather/Jungle USMC boot is based off the old style Vietnam jungle boot, featuring 2 tiny drainage holes on the in-step water for water to escape.

The ICB, or Infantry Combat Boot, also called a Temperate boot, does not have these holes and instead features a GORE-TEX Waterproof lining. The advantage of using GORE-TEX is that in the summer it allows the boot to “breathe” and in the winter it provides more protection from the elements.

How should boots fit – or will you feel where my toe is?

Make sure your heel is stable – if your heel is moving while you run, blisters will form from the friction between your heel and the boot. Additionally, it’s a given that some moisture will form, whether from water or sweat, which softens the skin and accelerates the formation of blisters. Thus, a heel that doesn’t move anywhere is vital to comfort.

The boot should feel comfortable as if your buying a dress shoe or athletic shoe. We recommend a bit of room in the toe area as the foot may swell when you are active.

Additionally, Belleville and Altama sometimes run ½ size larger than Danner and Bates.

I’m about to report for OCS – what do you recommend I get?

As the Marine Corps has moved to all suede boots rather than black leather, we recommend at least one pair of cheap yet clean boots for inspection, and inspection only. Unlike the glorious past where you would spend hours shining your black boots, these boots can be difficult to clean. By keeping this pair tucked away and used only for inspection, your life will be that much easier.

You will be issued one pair of jungles and another of ICBs at OCS. However, a boot that has proven to be very popular is the Bates Lights (style 50501). This boot has the sole and feel of a running shoe, hence the name. The advantage with these boots is for when you run timed obstacle courses – many candidates report lower times simply because the heavier field boots were slowing them down.