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The Right Work Boot for the Job

The Right Work Boot for the Job

There's a lot of “work” in deciding which Work Boot is right for you. No two boots are the same. Different boot manufacturers use different materials and techniques for making their boots, things that can have a significant impact on the durability, comfort, and use of the boot. Work Boots also have to meet the particular needs of the job. Safety Toes, Electrical Safety, Waterproof, Oil Resistance. Dozens of factors that affect which boot is the right boot for you.

At Quantico Boot, we want to provide as much information as possible to help you choose your Work Boots.  Brands we feature here include Carolina, Danner, Matterhorn, and Corcoran. Some features are electrical hazard protection, steel toes, GORE-TEX waterproofing and Thinsulate insulation. Many of our work boots also feature specialty soles for certain work environments.

We are happy to share our knowledge about Work Boots with you here and hope you’ll take some time to browse our product information pages before visiting our online catalog.

We also know that we don’t know everything there is to know about these boots. That’s why we’d like to hear from you. We want to know what you do and what boots you’ve found that work or don’t work for getting your job done. If you’ve got an opinion about the boots you currently own, please take a minute and comment on the boot’s posting or, if you can’t find your boot, send us an e-mail with manufacturer, model and your comments.

August 05, 2017 by Christopher Gates
Boots for the Military

Boots for the Military

Hit the ground running with the appropriate footwear! The fine men and women that serve our country deserve top quality boots that allow them both protection and efficiency. Regardless if the environment is a training atmosphere, or in the field near, or deployed overseas, proper foot attire can be vital to the success of the modern soldier and marine.

Boots for the military are part of the standardized uniform. However, the different types of boots selected can have a direct impact on performance. Think of it this way: if you were going to run a marathon, you wouldn’t slip your feet into a pair of sleek high-heels first. The arches of your feet need proper support, your ankles need to be tightly wrapped, and your toes need to be protected.

Boots used both in combat and in training throughout the military have been carefully designed to accommodate a very active person. These boots for the military cut down on ankle sprains, broken toes, and other injuries. They support our soldiers in much the same way our soldiers help us. Strength, fortitude, and dependability are some of the key factors that manufacturers use when designing these boots.

These worldly warriors are outfitted with top brands provided through Quantico Boot, such as the Belleville 340 DES hot weather and flight combat boot. This made in America military-grade boot is perfect for rough terrain with a breathable lining. The Danner 26027, also made in America, is a formidable piece of footwear that can be useful when treading rugged landscapes.

Quantico Boot has specific recommendations for footwear designed with individual service men and women in mind. For example, the Belleville 500 and 590 Desert Boots will always aid Marines.

If you are curious about what Quantico Boot can do for you and your loved one serving in the military, contact us today!

August 05, 2017 by Christopher Gates
How to Care for your Boots, Maintaining a long lasting Boot

How to Care for your Boots, Maintaining a long lasting Boot

If you have ever had a great pair of boots, You know and understand what it is like when you have to let them go. It is not a good feeling and the longer you have them, the harder it is, But with proper care and boot maintenance, you might have been able to add a few years to your boot. Just like everything else all boots require some attention and support and they all need different amounts and types of care. At Quantico Boot, we sell boots that can last up to 20 years, but they require some maintenance and extra care. On this blog, we will talk about how to care for your boots whether they are Black Police boots, Combat boots, Hiking Boots or leather dress shoes.

Boots are made out of many different materials, and the care procedures are different for every kind.  So one of the first steps is to determine what your boots are made of.  Whether they are full grain leather, man made synthetic materials, rough side out leather or suede. We will talk about all the proper procedures for most kinds of boot material here.

Most boots you are going to want to apply some waterproofing and stain protector. And different boot materials take various types of waterproofing products better.  For most types of leather, you want to use an oil based product, silicone and some waxes can clog the pores in leather and shorten the life of the boot.  For Boots with synthetic leather use a silicone based waterproofing product. If the boot is both synthetic and natural leather make sure you follow manufacturers recommendation. And when ever possible check recommendations from boot manufacturer. And when waterproofing always pays close attention to the seams. This will help to keep boots waterproof, and some are even a protection barrier too.

Other recommendations to extend the life of your boots is:

  • Waterproof the boots
  • Keep the boots as clean as Possible
  • Don’t store them for extended periods of time without wearing them
  • Don’t let them stay wet for long periods and never dry with heat
  • Always lace boots up when wearing them even if only for short period
  • Make sure you use the right products for your boots to clean and waterproof
  • A shoe tree is great if they do sit for extended periods of time

Most boots and leathers can be cleaned with a damp cloth or nylon soft bristle brush. Cloth or sponge for soft leathers and bristle brush for rough leathers.  You should start by knocking off most of the dust and dry dirt. Then just wipe them down with the cloth using minimal water unless you know the boots are 100% waterproof. Take the removable insoles out and let them dry at room temperature do not heat them. Then you are going to want to seal and protect with a waterproofing product or maybe spit and shine.

August 05, 2017 by Christopher Gates