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Boots for the Military

Hit the ground running with the appropriate footwear! The fine men and women that serve our country deserve top quality boots that allow them both protection and efficiency. Regardless if the environment is a training atmosphere, or in the field near, or deployed overseas, proper foot attire can be vital to the success of the modern soldier and marine.

Boots for the military are part of the standardized uniform. However, the different types of boots selected can have a direct impact on performance. Think of it this way: if you were going to run a marathon, you wouldn’t slip your feet into a pair of sleek high-heels first. The arches of your feet need proper support, your ankles need to be tightly wrapped, and your toes need to be protected.

Boots used both in combat and in training throughout the military have been carefully designed to accommodate a very active person. These boots for the military cut down on ankle sprains, broken toes, and other injuries. They support our soldiers in much the same way our soldiers help us. Strength, fortitude, and dependability are some of the key factors that manufacturers use when designing these boots.

These worldly warriors are outfitted with top brands provided through Quantico Boot, such as the Belleville 340 DES hot weather and flight combat boot. This made in America military-grade boot is perfect for rough terrain with a breathable lining. The Danner 26027, also made in America, is a formidable piece of footwear that can be useful when treading rugged landscapes.

Quantico Boot has specific recommendations for footwear designed with individual service men and women in mind. For example, the Belleville 500 and 590 Desert Boots will always aid Marines.

If you are curious about what Quantico Boot can do for you and your loved one serving in the military, contact us today!

August 05, 2017 by Christopher Gates

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