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“Excellent prices, great products. Broke in my pair of RAT boots over this past winter. Co-worker was asking about my new “stompers”, turned him onto the store and was later told he checked the store out and he ‘found the perfect boots and at a great price’. Trying to find a reason to purchase a new pair – already own several pair, from those issued at PI in 1991 to hiking boots – just can’t be the quality and prices at QB. Glad I decided to check out the store – will happily recommend to anyone looking.

Joe Zimmerman

“I’ve just bought boots from you guys and saved $90 international will be letting my mates know.”

Jet Manly

“Got new boots from you today!!! Feel great thanks for your time and good humor.”

Kelly Williamson

“Best pair of boots I have ever owned. Wear them everyday. Thank You for your Quick service.”

Robert Smitter

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